Deserts Presentations

Primary 4’s final presentations. The class delivered their group presentations to each other on Friday afternoon. They all did a fantastic job and have shown great confidence and independence when using the Chrome…

Enjoying Outside!

The Nursery are making the most of the Summer term by spending lots of time outside in the Nursery garden. We have been learning about plants and have planted broad…

Descriptive Writing in P5

Primary 5 uses a variety of strategies for writing. This week, they were writing in first person point-of-view as a character from a short film they watched. They had to…

Primary 3/4 Maths Fractions

We are investigating and learning about Fractions with Miss Mufundi our student teacher. We made our own fraction boards. We used cubes to create models of fractions with different colours.

Investigating the Weather

We are investigating the weather with our student teacher Miss Mufundi. We made anemometers to measure wind speed in the playground.

Letter from the Friendly Dragon

We read the letter and we decided we would all help to save Fairyland!