Burns Supper

On Thursday 24th January 2019, the Primary 7s hosted a Burns Supper to commemorate the life and work of Scotland’s poet Robbie Burns. Master of Ceremonies Leon did a fantastic…

Pupils become teachers

P3 has been working hard on their maths, they have been practicing subtracting numbers using different strategies. A group of children worked in threes, subtracting 3-digit numbers, each had the same…

P1GA try to catch a worm!

Our our topic this term is ‘Birds’. We started our learning about birds by looking at the birds we can see in our playground. We noticed that it is mostly…


Primary Two have started  their new topic.  We have made a map of Scotland and we were learning about the cities.  We have been talking about Aberdeen and we did…

P2AP All things Scottish

Some children from MIss Jamieson’s class came to talk to us about the Scottish items they had brought to school! #saltire #sporran #teddywearingakilt 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿  

Primary 3/4 Health and Wellbeing

We are learning about different types of food groups.

Primary 1FR Term 3

Primary 1FR have been very busy during the first few weeks of term. We have lots to learn between now and the Easter holidays – keep an eye out for more updates!

P5/6: eBooks

A few pupils have been using Book Creator to make eBooks about non-fiction text they’re reading. We are still working out some kinks on how to best use the app….