Primary 1 really enjoyed holding our very own assembly. We put a lot of work into remembering all of the words to our song, poem and impressive Arctic animal facts….

Kaimhill Kindness Day

Some happy photos of a very successful Kaimhill Kindness Day. Happy weekend Kaimhill friends and families.

Kaimhill Kindness Day

P1-P7 Parents and carers are invited along to join in with Kaimhill Kindness Day at 2pm today. 

P5/6 Robotics Workshop

The P6’s in the P5/6 class took part in a Robotics Workshop put on by MADE Aberdeen. In groups, the pupils had to control a robot using coding on a…

P7AW Angles

P7AW have been learning about angles for the first two weeks of term. Today we used protractors to draw angles accurately. We can also identify, name and measure angles. 

New Netball Club!

Miss Walker and Miss Allan will be running a new Netball Club for anyone in Primary 5-7 this term. It starts on Thursday 25th January 2018 from 3 – 4.15pm…