Kaimhill School Vision, Values and Aims

Our School Vision …

“At Kaimhill School, we are a diverse and inclusive community of learners who strive to do our best for ourselves and others. With a positive attitude, we develop confident, creative leaders of tomorrow. We grow from our mistakes and step out of our comfort zones to reach our full potential.”

Our School Values..

Our School Aims …

Learning and Teaching

We aim to provide varied learning opportunities that can be accessed by all pupils to ensure that they are challenged, enjoy learning and meet their full potential.

Vision and Leadership

We aim to promote leadership across the school community, creating a happy and respectful environment in which children are supported to take ownership of their learning and be the best they can be.


We aim to communicate and work collaboratively with parents, carers, other members of the school community and other agencies. By working in partnership we enhance children’s learning, creating an environment which fosters confidence, enjoyment, resilience and respect for each other.


We aim to value the contributions of all members of our Kaimhill school community. We know everyone has a role to play in realising our vision. We are committed to building nurturing, supportive relationships with everyone which enable our young people to be the best they can be.

Culture and Ethos

We aim for Kaimhill to be a happy, welcoming and safe environment for all learners and the school community. We will value and celebrate diversity and develop our knowledge of other cultures.