2016/2017 P5

Descriptive Writing in P5

Primary 5 uses a variety of strategies for writing. This week, they were writing in first person point-of-view as a character from a short film they watched. They had to put themselves in someone else’s shoes. 

After watching the first part of the film, teams had to write down appropriate vocabulary that may be used in their writing. Then they shared the words so everyone had a list of fantastic vocabulary.

Aimee uses a thesaurus during writing to up-level her vocabulary.
Tessa uses a variety of punctuation to make her writing more varied and interesting.

DADWAVERS! is a mnemonic we use in P5 to make writing more interesting. The DAD part are types of sentences they can write, and the WAVER part is different ways to start a sentence. Their writing has improved drastically using this strategy.

Nathan uses excellent sentence structure and creative vocabulary in his writing.

“As I sat on my cold and rusty chair, I was not-so-calmly carving a great piece. Thunder clattered the sky as heavy rainfall shattered the Earth. Grabbing a knife, I carved away and I could just imagine the carvings floating down in the air in slow-motion.” – Nathan

“I sat in my caravan as heavy drizzle banged on my window. Water leaked through my roof and heavy winds jangled my chains as the thunder clapped, “BANG!” Carving, I scraped off the last piece of wood and blew it off. There it was, my wood bird! – Tessa

“It was a dark and stormy night. As I sat in my freezing cold caravan, the lashing rain made puddles and the thunder whacked my window. Carving a tiny wee baby sized bird, I carefully watched the wood shavings fall slowly to the ground. Slowly I finished carving my bird and I put it with my elephant and owl. Soon someone opened the door. Their footsteps were as loud as an elephant walking.” – Lillie

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