P5/6 2017-18

P5/6: Lego Instructions

Over the last few weeks we have been working on instruction writing. We have made How To videos, written science reports, and how we are making instructions for Lego models.

We created the success criteria together, and all decided that instructions for Lego models should be visual. We each created our own model and used iPads to take photos of the materials needed and each step for making the model.

We looked at examples of instructions produced by Lego for ideas. And we looked at examples of simple models to get some ideas for our own models that we created.

After printing out the picture instructions, we are going to put them into a booklet. Next, we are going to market our product by creating a cover that includes a title and photo that is eye-catching. The idea is to entice someone to use those instructions themselves to build the model.

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