2018-19 P1GA

P1GA try to catch a worm!

Our our topic this term is ‘Birds’. We started our learning about birds by looking at the birds we can see in our playground. We noticed that it is mostly big birds like crows and seagulls in our playground…. who steal our snack! We read some stories to learn about other foods that different birds eat such as fruit, fish, seeds, nuts, bugs and worms! “But what about in winter when the ground is hard?” asked Meilan, how do birds get the worms then?

Today we did an investigation to see if we could get the (pretend) worms out of the frozen, icy soil. We had four ice blocks… to one we added salt, one warm water, one cold water and the other we left. We each made predictions as to which would help melt the block the quickest and watched as the ice turned from a solid to a liquid and the worms escaped! The warm water helped melt the block the quickest.

Whilst this was lots of fun some of us realised that birds wouldn’t have warm water or salt to help melt the frozen ground… many of us shared that we would like to help the birds and so we watched a video by RSPB on how we can do this by making our own bird feeders. We will be doing this in class for the playground over the next week 😁

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