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Message from Mrs Webster

Dear parents and carers,

This has been a week that we will never forget as a nation. We have been tested and challenged in ways we never could have anticipated, both professionally and personally. I have been overwhelmed by the care and sense of community that I have witnessed both nationally and in our local communities. In a time of national emergency significant kindness has come to the fore and we are slowly beginning to adapt to what will become the new status quo over the coming weeks.

As Head Teacher of our Kaimhill School community I firstly want to say THANK YOU for the tremendous patience, support and  kindness you as parents have extended to the school as we continue to develop a new, digital way of working. There have been a number of technology glitches this week  and there will continue to be. Some have not, as yet, been resolved but we are working with ACC partners to find solutions.

A number of you have shared concerns around stress and anxiety, with your children struggling to fully engage with the digital learning offer, especially in homes where there may be several children and/or parents who continue to be working. Please do not allow school work to be a source of additional stress. We do want children to be engaging with learning, but the priority is that we feel physically, mentally and emotionally healthy. We have time to adapt to this new way of working – so let’s just allow ourselves that time. My staff and I are available for ongoing support as we go forward and we will need to continue to work together closely. Thank you to those who contacted me where there have been wobbles – I hope I have been able to reassure  you.

I want to recognise the fantastic engagement there has been from our boys and girls. My staff and I are really impressed with our learners. The children are encouraged to share their learning and activities. This can be done through Google Classroom or you can post on Twitter tagging @KaimhillSch.  A small number of youngsters have yet to engage with us digitally. Although the school is closed, I still have a safeguarding responsibility as your Head Teacher and I urge your child, with your support,  to check-in with class teachers on Google Classroom on a regular basis. We are monitoring daily and will be in contact with parents if we have not ‘seen’ your child engage over a 3 day period.

I am so proud of my staff teams. Class teachers have delivered a range of activities and have been working hard to ensure all children have access to meaningful learning activities. Much work is also being undertaken behind the scenes by early years staff to ensure there are relevant and fun activities to support our nursery children. These will continue to  be posted on the school website .

Thanks also to those staff who have volunteered to support the children of key workers – this role is vital. Those who know me well will be aware of my high regard for the Kaimhill team and they have proved me right at every challenge and obstacle posed this week. THANK YOU 🙏 I know they will continue to support me and you as far as they can, so please get in touch if you need us.

If you have any concerns around the welfare of your child or family or feel worried by financial pressures,  if you feel isolated or anxious – contact me or a member of the leadership team. We have a range of contacts and support networks and we are here to help in any way that we can.

Susie Webster – Head Teacher –

Diane Rough – Depute Head Teacher –

Sean Rafferty – Principal Teacher  –

Fiona Black – Nursery Manager/Principal Teacher –

Finishing on a personal note, it is a very strange thing as a Head Teacher not to be able to be at the physical heart of our school. Kaimhill School is very much part of my heart. Alongside all the many people I care for and love, my school, my children and my staff are there too. I miss the kids and I miss my team. Please keep in touch – I’m here, my leadership team are here as are my class teachers. Please keep safe. Stay indoors and follow the government guidance. Big shout out to all who are involved in the delivery of critical services at this time, especially those working within the NHS. 🙏

I wish you and yours the best weekend possible and we’ll see you refreshed on Monday morning to embrace the challenges of a new week.

Kindest regards

Susie Webster

Head Teacher

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