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Light up Bright up Friday

This week is Road Safety Week so tomorrow, Friday 27th April 2018, we are inviting all our learners and staff to come to school wearing their brightest clothes. P7 are…

P1SR Learn Together Achieve Together

Primary 1SR really enjoyed having our parents in to see how we have been learning literacy. We got the chance to show them what we have been doing in class…

Adverse Weather 01.03.18

The school and nursery will open tomorrow, Thursday 1st March, at 10.00am. This will enable all staff who can to travel safely to work.  


Primary 1 really enjoyed holding our very own assembly. We put a lot of work into remembering all of the words to our song, poem and impressive Arctic animal facts….

Kaimhill Kindness Day

Some happy photos of a very successful Kaimhill Kindness Day. Happy weekend Kaimhill friends and families.

P7AW and P1R ICT Skills

P7AW are teaching P1SR how to use Chromebooks this morning. We are all sharing and learning new skills. Everyone is enjoying themselves! .

Data Handling

Primary 1SR recently enjoyed working with Explore Learning. They came to teach us about Data Handling. We made some human bar graphs and looked at what the graph was telling…