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Please be advised that after school netball is cancelled today due to the adverse weather conditions.

Afternoon Nursery

Please be advised that the afternoon nursery classes will again close today at 3pm (Thursday). This is due to the adverse weather conditions so that staff and pupils can get…

Adverse Weather 01.03.18

The school and nursery will open tomorrow, Thursday 1st March, at 10.00am. This will enable all staff who can to travel safely to work.  

Breakfast Club – Thursday 1st March 2018

There will be no Breakfast Club tomorrow morning, Thursday 1st March 2018, due to the adverse weather forecast.

Adverse Weather 28 02 2018

The school will open today at 10.00am. This will enable all staff who can to travel safely to work. We’ll keep you update, as required, throughout the course of today…

Weather Forecast and School Closures

Winter Weather, Delayed Opening and School Closures Due to the adverse weather forecast issued for the remainder of this week, we would like to remind parents/guardians of the procedures which…

Scotland’s Drowning Prevention Strategy

Following the tragic drownings, of a mother and her son, at Aberdeen beach in 2016 the Aberdeen Water Safety Group was formed to tackle the issue of drowning. This action…

Kaimhill Kindness Day

Some happy photos of a very successful Kaimhill Kindness Day. Happy weekend Kaimhill friends and families.

Kaimhill Kindness Day

P1-P7 Parents and carers are invited along to join in with Kaimhill Kindness Day at 2pm today.