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Nursery Newsletter August 2016

Kaimhill School Nursery


Term One 2016/2017


Welcome to a new year at Kaimhill School Nursery. We hope you all had a lovely summer break and that the children are excited to get back to having fun and learning lots.

We have two new members of staff that we would like to welcome to our team – Miss Banks is in a new role of a Senior Early Years Practitioner and Mrs Hay is an Early Years Practitioner who will be working every afternoon with our green and purple nurseries.


I hope the table below helps you and your child remember who will be working with them in nursery each day.

Name Role Days in nursery
Mrs Rowson Teacher Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
Mrs Carr Teacher Monday
Miss Banks Senior Early Years Practitioner Monday – Friday
Miss Schizodimou Early Years Practitioner Monday – Friday
Miss Hauzaree Early Years Practitioner Monday – Wednesday
Miss Cruden Early Years Practitioner Wednesday – Friday
Mrs McPhail Early Years Practitioner Every morning
Mrs Hay Early Years Practitioner Every afternoon
Mrs Black Nursery Manager



  • Please try to drop off and pick up your child during the slots when the doors are open. When children are dropped off or picked up late it has an impact on the daily running of the nursery. (morning drop off 8.30am-8.45am; pick up 11.25-11.40am) (afternoon drop off 12.25pm-12.12.40pm; pick up3.20pm-3.35pm)
  • Snack money is £2 per week. Please pay weekly or pay £16 for the full term.
  • Please leave the learning journeys in the trays so that the staff can update the folders regularly.
  • We would like to encourage you to help us update your child’s learning journey by adding to the ‘I can’ sheet with achievements and progress from home.
  • Please ensure you update your child’s care plan or sign to say there have been no changes.


Dates for the diary this session:

Please find below a list of dates that we aim to be able to invite parents and carers into nursery. We hope by giving you advance warning that as many of you as possible are able to support us in these events. Please regularly check your child’s tray for up to date information regarding these events.

Term Activity
One Roald Dahl Day (13.09.2106)

Open Evening (06.10.2016)

Two Stay and Play (Sign up for a date in November)

Christmas concert (21.12.2016)

Santa’s Visit (22.12.2016)

Three Valentine Tea (10.02.2017)

Stay and Play (Sign up for dates in February and March)

Decorate an egg (29.03.2017)

Sponsored Event (01.03.2017)

Four Stay and Play (Sign up for dates in May)

Parents’ Evenings (23.05.2017 and 25.05.2017)

Sports Day (07.06.2017)

Picnic (21.06.2017)

Graduation (29.06.2017)


We look forward to working with your child and family over the next year. If you have anything you would like to discuss you can have an informal chat with any member of our team or alternatively you can make an appointment to meet with Mrs Black by contacting the school office.

Many Thanks for your continued support,


Mrs Black

Principal Teacher/Nursery Manager


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